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Bugayov’ family [Congratulations!] 12.12.2009 the "softest" FlyzZza's members, family of Bugayovyh have got reinforcement!!!! – their son was born this night, named Tima, he will fill up the big family of Flayzyukovychi! We wish Irynka, Serhij, Diana and little Tima family happiness, salubrity and heap of pleasure from life!
Fz [Chat-conference] Here after this reference it is possible to watch a chat-conference, which took place on the site of Volyn News on November, 20. Sincerely thanks to VN collective for possibility to communicate on-line, and to all, who was attached to the talk, for pressing the keys and interesting questions ;))
[Thunder BuzZzes!] The video version of this song in the program "Folk-music" was transferred on April, 3, and song "Autobus" will be shown in January.
“Postup” from October, 2009 [Another interview] I've got the newspaper "Postup" from October, 2009, where you can find another our interview. For those, who have free couple of minutes – look through :)
[Retreat] The video that was announced on November, 21 on First National Channel have been transferred on a week or two forward. We will prompt about an exact date and time of show.
[A chat on the "Volyn news"] Lutsk group FlyzZza will take part in chat-conference in the internet newspaper "Volyn News". During a conference all authorized users of site "VN" will be able to put a question to the participants of the group. On the chat of "VN" FlyzZza's members will give you answers to the following questions:
  • what do famous Lutsk musicians think about Lutsk music?
  • do they distinguish the concept of earning money by creation and creation itself?
  • why Tima has no dreadlocks?
  • will "FlyzZza" go to "Eurovision"?
  • is FlyzZza invited in pre-election agitation tours?
A chat will take place on November, 20. Chat time – 15:00.
Fz ["FOLK-music"] We already reported that more than month ago a group went on a shooting of the TV-program "FOLK-music". That time we have finished shooting video on new song "Thunder buzZzes". You'll be able to see it on TV on November, 21. So sit your bodies down on the sofas and watch FlyzZzapeople on First National this night. A bit afterwards, for those who "lost their chance" we will expound video on the site.
Fz ["SVIRZ"] In summer 2009 one of the most positive (though with tragic completion) festivals of Ukraine took place in the Lviv region! And till now we get reviews and pleasant shots from that event. This time we show you photos from author known as ZS.. CoooooL photos! Watch it ;) Photo>>>
Fz ["Rock-Sich"] "On October, 14 in spite of bad weather and, frankly speaking, election advertising campaign, we were very glad to meet again groups which we performed with on the one stage 2 years ago on the event "Kordon 803": VV, Gaydamaku, FlyzZza. These groups presented Ukraine on the Polish-Ukraine fun! But then on Poland-Ukraine border there wasn't another young group named "Gapochka", which joined us this time in Lutsk. Splendid group!!! It's very cool, that in spite of weather people who visited our holiday had a mind-blowing mood because we have lack of such concerts in Lutsk. Somewhere water flowed through awning, something unexpected happened with Dzhamalka'zzz microphone, we felt pity for people who got wet in the rain – little negative moments of "Rock Sich". But it's all nothing in compare to pleasant meeting with old friends-musicians, possibility to perform again for people of Lutsk and it guests, and technically well equipped stage... It was the third rain during the 9-years-old history of FlyzZza concerts." (Tima's short comment for the Polish-Ukraine magazine about "Rock Sich" in Lutsk 11.10.2009). And certainly, photo>>>.
Fz [Gey zhe gu!] Besides that "eight" will disappear at the beginning of the telephone numbers of Ukrainians from October, 14, and inversely Pokrova will come to every house (that accordingly will affirm the anniversary of UPA (Ukrainian insurrectional army ), so yet and exactly on October, 14 we have an official premiere of song " Gey zhe gu! (Oh how I love those our mountains)" from the group "FlyzZza"! Let remind you that this song was created on Oleg Skrypka'zzz suggestion specially for "The Ukrainian heroic song" collection, having oversang one of the historical songs of our servicemen in a modern manner. The song was conceded to be very successful and many critics distinguished it both as one of the best in the collection and one of the best in the second album of FlyzZza. Oleg himself constantly "puts" this track on the ethno-discos, and for group it became another successful hit for concerts. We suggest you to have a look at web-page where it is possible to load internet-single for free>>>

And another great news. German record label Eastblok which produces east-european music, and produces Gaydamaky in Europe, in the yesterday's broadcasting "put" three songs of FlyzZza. The CD, as reliable sources report, was purchased on a festival "SVIRZ" by one of Eastblok delegate.


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