FlyzZza – Vmenejeman Cover for a song by the band “Kryhytka Tsaghes” Another cover from the band FlyzZzA, which was to enter the “MK-60” in his time. However, due to certain circumstances did not get there and pops up in the media space only now. The song “Vomeneemen” is definitely one of the greatest hits of Ukrainian music history and deserves not to be forgotten about it. That is why the Flyzuki decided to give her a new life and remind (or even tell the younger generation) about this wonderful lyrical track by making a cover. This song, as well as the entire album of Krykity Tsaghes, “In the first place” of 2005, had a great influence on the work of the FlayzZz group, for which, taking advantage of the opportunity, and thank all the team members. This is what Saša Koltsova says about the cover version: “It is a pleasure that the life of our favorite songs is being continued. Always dreamed of hearing Vomenenem in male performance. Probably one day it will also happen. Under the version of the FlyZZa group it’s nice to ride a car on the California coast 🙂 Or along the Kiev reservoir. “Recall that the album of the band FlyZZa” MK-60 “is a collection of covers for well-known Ukrainian hits, which was released in 2015. The idea of ​​forgetting a unique project has long wandered in the Brains of the Flyies. Having released three full-length albums, the gang has finally come to its realization. Read More – Here’s Here:

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