Friends, you asked “where can you buy your sweets?” ..
Answer :)

In Lutsk, only here is here:
– old market, cont. No. 511
– old market, cont. № 6, at the bus stop
– old market, cont. No. 16
– old market, cont. No. 512
– Warsaw Market, Kont. № 31а
– Warsaw Market, Passage, K.27
– magician Brooklyn
– street Shevchenko, 50, “In the basement”.
– street Glushets, 39, dormitory Pedagogical school Cafe
– street Stefanik 1a, shop “AVS”
– street Streletskaya, 73, store “Alphabet of taste”
– street Warriors of the Internationalists, 4, store “Sofia”
– Revolution Prospect, 18, shop “Roshen-1”
– with. Liplyany, st. Deep, magician “Products”, the final of 26 minibuses

There are still many shops in the oblast. If you are interested in information where exactly in your local area are sold “Positive delicacies”, let me know and we will inform you 🙂

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